Sorting Printed Photos:

Sorting Boxes, Pens, Sticky Notes, Index Cards, Stabilio Pencils or Photo Safe Pens, Photo Cleaning Cloth, Cotton Gloves, Trash Bag, Waxed Dental Floss or Teflon Floss, Vinyl Craft Spatula, Rubber Cement Eraser, and Un-Du Adhesive Remover.

Photo Boxes & Storage:

Legacy Boxes (contact me), Archival Methods Boxes, Look for Archival and/or Acid-Free Boxes.


Flip-Pal, Epson V550 or V800, Kodak Photo Saver Systems

Digital Organizing:

External Hard Drive, Flash Drives, Picture Keeper, DVD’s or Archival DVD’s,

Duplicate Finder Software: for Mac: Photo Sweeper, for PC’s: Awesome Duplicate Finder Folder

Software/Cloud Storage: Forever, SmugMug, DropBox, Backblaze

VHS:  Roxio or Elgato

Slides & Film: Slide Scanner or outsource to reputable company

Slideshows: IMovie, ProShow, Smilebox,

Photo Books and Gifts: Shutterfly, Snapfish, Mixbook, Picaboo, Nixplay, Pictli

September is Save Your Photos Month

Al Larvick Fund, Pro8MM